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en creación
titulo provisional

(estreno previsto 2023)


FRAGILE nos quiere hacer reflexionar sobre como es la vida de un clown, de que se alimenta su arte y su fantasia.

En este circo lleno de colores, los protagonistas se han quedado en blanco y negro; cual es su historia?

Espectàculo en creaciòn, que mezcla el clown, el circo y la marioneta. 

Mas info: solicitar a la compañia el DOSSIER de CREACIÔN , a travès de email. Gracias!

Some info ABOUT:

FRAGILE is a show that invites the public to weigh a style of living unknown to many of us. What is the life of a clown like? What does their art feed on, is inspired by? The world the show presents revolves around the coexistence of the tenderness of a smile and the power of sadness. Through an evocative scenography the protagonists accompany the public through a journey between images and emotions, by acting, performing and the care for the smallest details. 
A tender story that leaves the end to be imagined, guessed, pictured by the spectator.
It's a work in progress, on-going process show.

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