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The Company founded by Elisabetta Valci Mazzara (IT) and Thomas Berger (AUT) was born in Barcellona in 2018. Both of them are graduated in the International Circus and Theatre School CAU in Granada (Spain). Elisabetta and Thomas are still increasing their artistic backgorund with workshops, stages and courses in whole Europe with well known teachers like: Anthony Mathieu, Fanny Giraud, Rodrigo Aragón, Hilton Hiltoff, Simonetta Posceddu, Claude Victoria, Carolina Bustamante, Stefano Mazzotta and more. They are specialiazed in differents circus disciplines like: handstand, trapeze, cyr wheel, clown and puppets. Both of them worked in different professional companies and projects before they met. After they started to create their first street circus-theatre show, wich is developed for every audience and every part of the world.

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